From the earliest possible age all sentient creatures willfully engage and interact in the world around them through play. Play allows us to develop our physical and mental dexterity; our creativity, and imagination, as well as our cognitive, emotional, and social tools. By simultaneously exploring and defining the world around us and our role in it, we create the context and framework for the most crucial behaviors and the decisions that shape our identities, our lives, and the very fabric of reality. It is for these reasons the Alternate Reality Game Organization provides assistance to the game development community and resources through our programs directly to the game developers who are actively creating the realities we all share.

We maintain stable connections to omega, nexus and aleph points, as well as many other resources, and provide access to all members, contributors, and guests of members and or contributors at our sole discretion.

ARGO Indie Game Developer Program

The Alternate Reality Game Organization provides a assistance, services, and support to select independent game developers at our sole discretion.  We have proudly played a supportive role in several published games, and are actively working on several more. Up until 2012 our participation had been kept confidential and not publicly acknowledged, but as a byproduct of recent in-game events, our participation can now be made public or not, as determined by the game developers we collaborate with.

If you would like to be considered for our ARGO Indie Game Developer Program, feel free to contact us, telling us as much as possible about your game project or specific game development interests.