The Alternate Reality Game Organization (ARGO) is a community service organization; exploring and helping others to explore the limits of the conscious control of physical reality through Alternate Reality Gaming. We use a combination of Gamification, Psychodrama, and Sociodrama in the context of a complex form of Synchromystic "Ritual Play" (see also: Play) to focus collective conscious will on the medium of multidimensional reality itself, altering subjective perception to influence, alter, and even override "objective reality". When properly implemented, Alternate Reality Gaming is related to reality while being awake, in much the same way Lucid Dreaming is related to being asleep.

We produce and participate in our own proprietary "sub-games" or "meta-games" as well as providing resources and assistance and help to administrate games designed and run by other game developers; especially those in the Alternate Reality Gaming Community. Active participation with ARGO typically takes the form of participation in one or more of our "sub-games", or "meta-games". If you would like to participate further, feel free to contact us directly.

The first step is to realize it is ALL a game, the next step is entirely up to you... Remember, you are already playing. Play well, enjoy your game!